List of SSE Practical Initiatives for the Market in 2024 Officially Released

To continuously deepen the work on "open-door review, regulation and service" and wholeheartedly serve the people, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), after carefully studying the demands of all parties in the market and considering the actual situation, has formulated the List of Practical Initiatives by the Shanghai Stock Exchange for the Market in 2024 (hereinafter referred to as the List), which was officially released on Friday.

The List is a compilation of specific measures formulated by the SSE based on a thorough study of the guiding principles of the Central Financial Work Conference and the 2024 "Two Sessions", combined with the key tasks of deepening and consolidating the registration system, advancing five major areas of finance (technology, green, inclusive, pension, and digital finance), digital transformation, and other key tasks, in a bid to further transform the style of work, enhance service efficiency, and ensure tangible benefits for all market participants. The List comprises ten practical initiatives across four key areas, encompassing listing reviews, front-line regulation, product innovation, market services, information technology, and other major business sectors of the SSE. First, deepening the promotion of "sunshine governance" to enhance regulatory review transparency. Measures include the "First Lesson for IPOs", compiling and releasing “all-in-one” easy-to-understand regulatory rules for listed companies, and smooth communication channels with issuers and listed companies to reduce information asymmetry. Second, developing fund products to facilitate investors in accessing stable returns. This includes further enriching the index system of the science and technology innovation board, and launching more low-risk, stable-return products such as dividend low-volatility ETFs and bond ETFs, to better meet the wealth management needs of investors. Third, carrying out comprehensive services to serve the people. This includes organizing science and technology innovation board new quality productive forces salons and segmented industry salons, hosting a series of events under the theme of "Twenty Years of Shanghai Stock Exchange ETFs", offsetting up an integrated platform for handling investor demands and enhancing the exhibition and service functions of the China Securities Museum. Fourth, optimizing and improving system functionalities to facilitate faster and more efficient business trading. This includes building the bond issuance system and trading terminals, simplifying and digitizing services related to fund product issuance, further integrating the "Government Online-Offline" business system, and improving efficiency and user experience of business handling.

"We react to the calls of the people." The SSE always listens to market feedback and responds to the demands of investors and members. For two consecutive years, it has effectively carried out practical initiatives to serve the market, receiving positive feedback from various stakeholders. Following the release of the List, all market participants are welcome to put forward their opinions and suggestions. The SSE is committed to serving as a dedicated facilitator and provider of services, ensuring the effective implementation of each initiative. In a professional and pragmatic manner, we aim to enhance regulatory services and work together with everyone to build and develop the market.