• 29 Dec

    The SSE released the Notice on Temporary Waiver of Certain Fees for 2024, initiating a series of measures of fee reduction for the forthcoming year. This initiative is projected to confer approximately RMB 600 million in benefits to the market.

    30 Nov

    The SSE convened a symposium for real estate companies listed on the SSE to further implement policies on supporting equity and debt financing for real-estate companies.

    23 Nov

    The SSE and China Securities Index co-hosted the 2023 Index Investment Forum, focusing on cutting-edge topics related to index investment to further facilitate development in this area.

    20 Nov

    The SSE and the Dubai Financial Market signed MoU.

    15 Nov

    Over 150 well-known domestic and global investment institutions attended the SSE Global Investors Conference 2023 and built consensus on long-term optimism for the Chinese market.

    25 Oct

    The Second Lujiazui Financial Trading Technology Sharing Week was jointly hosted by the SSE, Shanghai Futures Exchange, China Financial Futures Exchange, and China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd.

    20 Oct

    The SSE released Notice on Transitional Work Arrangements of Enterprise Bond and took over the review of enterprise bond issuance. Twenty business rules on corporate bonds (including enterprise bonds) were released to integrate the business rules of corporate bonds and enterprise bonds.

    10 Oct

    The SSE launched “Request Handling Center” on its website to facilitate market participants and investors to express their complaints and requests.

    26 Sep

    The SSE released the Notice on Further Regulating Issues Related to Share Holding Reduction and forbid big shareholders of companies whose stock price is lower than its initial offering price or its net asset value per share, or whose cash dividend pay-out does not meet relevant threshold to reduce their shareholding.

    3 Sep

    The SSE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Saudi Tadawul Group in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia.

    1 Sep

    The SSE issued the Notice on Matters Related to Stock Program Trading Reporting and the Notice on Matters Related to Strengthening Management of Program Trading to establish program trading reporting system and regulatory arrangements and promote regulated development of program trading.

    27 Aug

    The SSE revised the Implementation Rules on Securities Margin Trading and reduced the financing margin ratio from 100% to 80% to promote effective functioning of securities margin trading business.

    18 Aug

    The SSE issued the Notice on Adjusting the Standard for Stock Transaction Handling Fee and cut stock transaction handling fee by 30%.

    11 Aug

    The SSE rolled out 15 practical measures to support flood prevention and disaster relief in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and Northeast China through diversified financing and enhanced market services.

    4 Aug

    The SSE revised and released the Rules for Listing of Stocks and relevant guidelines and guidance for the main board and the STAR Market to fully implement requirements of independent director system reform.

    21 Jul

    The SSE and SZSE jointly released Implementation Measures for Evaluation of Practice Quality of Sponsor Institutions Guided by Listed Company Quality (Trial).

    21 Jul

    The SSE launched STAR 100 Index to implement the Strategic Plan of Sci-tech Self-reliance and Self-strengthening at Higher Levels.

    19 Jul

    The SSE convened symposium on supporting bond financing for private companies.

    7 Jul

    The SSE imposed compulsory delisting on *ST Amethystum and *ST Essence for major violations. The two companies became the first two delisted from the STAR Market.

    28 Jun

    The SSE and Mongolian Stock Exchange signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cooperation. On November 24th, the two exchanges hosted Mongolian Capital Markets Day 2023 at SSE in Shanghai.

    20 Jun

    The SSE STAR Company Incubation (Central China) opened for business.

    5 Jun

    The SSE STAR 50 ETF Options were smoothly launched.

    24 May

    The SSE and SGX signed Memorandum of Understanding on ETF product connectivity. On December 1st, the first batch of ETF products was launched on both exchanges, embarking the ETF Connectivity between the SSE and SGX.

    24 Apr

    The optimized trading calendar of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was officially launched to effectively improve efficiency of cross-border investment under Stock Connect.

    3 Apr

    The SSE, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Beijing Stock Exchange jointly launched Beijing Capital Market Service Week to further leverage stock exchanges' comprehensive service ability for Beijing's real economy.

    3 Apr

    China Securities Museum is recognized as the eighth batch of Shanghai Patriotic Education Bases.

    31 Mar

    The SSE board set up the Investor Education and Protection Committee and convened its first plenary session of 2023.

    24 Mar

    The SSE and the Stock Exchange of Thailand entered into cooperation on mutual display of index quotations.

    13 Mar

    Eligible stocks under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect were expanded.

    3 Mar

    The SSE published Rules for Insurance Asset Management Companies to Conduct Asset-backed Securities Business. On October 13th, the Exchange issued a letter of no objection to the first batch of five insurance asset management companies, allowing them to conduct Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) businesses on a trial basis.

    1 Mar

    The SSE issued Action Plan of the Shanghai Stock Exchange to Further Promote "Open-Door Review, Open-Door Supervision, and Open-Door Service" to better serve high-quality development. On March 15th, the Exchange released Projects to Do Practical Things for the Market in 2023 to carry out the Action Plan.

    3 Feb

    The market marking business for SSE bond market was launched.

    1 Feb

    The SSE issued Notice on the Transition Arrangements for the Review Work Related to the Full Implementation of the Stock Issuance Registration System to steadily advance full implementation of the stock issuance registration system and solicit public opinions on relevant business rules. On February 17th, 26 relevant business rules, guidelines and guidance were released. On April 10th, the listing ceremony of the first batch of main board companies under the registration scheme was held by SSE and SZSE.

  • 28 Dec

    SSE's STAR Market reached 500 listed companies.

    22 Dec

    China-ROK Semiconductor ETF, the first China-ROK co-compiled index product in China, was listed on SSE.

    7 Dec

    SSE's core trading system became the first filing system with security protection level 4 in the domestic securities and futures industry.

    6 Dec

    SSE suspended trading for 3 minutes during comrade Jiang Zemin's memorial service.

    2 Dec

    SSE completes a new round of Three-Year Action Plan to Promote Improvement of the Quality of SSE-Listed Companies and Three-Year Action Plan for Comprehensive Services for Central SOEs.

    25 Nov

    SSE's "One-stop Service" portal was officially launched. On 26 December, the first phase of the new-generation company portrait system and the first phase of the "Follow-up Work" system were launched. SSE has effectively enhanced the operational efficiency of regulation, service and management, and taken a solid step to build a digital and intelligent exchange.

    24 Nov

    The CPC Committee of SSE issued the Implementation Plan for the Shanghai Stock Exchange to Study, Publicize and Implement the Spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress.

    14 Nov

    The fourth-generation trading supervision system of the Shanghai Stock Exchange was officially launched.

    11 Nov

    The "Information Technology Innovation Base and Alliance of Securities and Fund Industry" initiated by SSE was explicitly supported by the Overall Program for the Construction of Science and Innovation Financial Reform Pilot Zones in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei and Jiaxing (Yinfa [2022] No. 260) jointly issued by the People's Bank of China and seven other ministries.

    9 Nov

    SSE Global Investors Conference 2022 opened. Under the theme of "Openness, Innovation and Sustainability", the conference shared experience of investing in the Chinese market and conveyed the idea of long-term optimism in China.

    5 Nov

    The 5th Hongqiao International Economic Forum successfully held a sub-forum on "High-quality Opening up of China's Capital Market", co-hosted by SSE and the Secretariat of Hongqiao Forum.

    31 Oct

    Approved by the CSRC, the first batch of market makers for the STAR Market formally launched the business of market making for STAR Market stocks.

    16 Oct

    The CPC Committee of SSE organized to watch the opening ceremony of the 20th CPC National Congress. On the same afternoon, the CPC Committee meeting of SSE studied the important speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping as the first item of the agenda, and held a special meeting on 24th October to earnestly convey, study and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress.

    26 Sep

    The Bureau of Enterprise Reform of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) and SSE signed a memorandum of strategic co-operation.

    22 Sep

    The Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee announced the decision of the CPC Central Committee that comrade Qiu Yong was appointed as the Party Secretary of SSE. 26 October, SSE held the seventh meeting of the fifth Board of Governors, which elected comrade Qiu Yong as the Chairman of the Board of Governors of SSE in accordance with the decision of the State Council and the nomination of the CSRC.

    19 Sep

    CSI 500 ETF options were listed on SSE.

    9 Sep

    The Shanghai Financial Court held a hearing on the case of Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics v. SSE on the delisting decision, and rejected the plaintiff's litigation request in court. The case was the first lawsuit across the country arising from a delisting decision after the implementation of the new delisting rules in 2020, and was selected as one of the top 10 cases of the court system in 2022.

    31 Aug

    The listing ceremony for the first batch of three publicly offered infrastructure REITs for subsidized rental housing was held simultaneously in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

    25 Jul

    The first Lujiazui Financial Trading Technology Festival jointly organized by SSE, Shanghai Futures Exchange and China Financial Futures Exchange was opened. Under the theme of "Technology Enables Development and Digital Leads the Future", the festival focused on digital transformation and unveiled the fully upgraded SSE Cloud.

    22 Jul

    On the occasion of the third anniversary of the opening of the STAR Market, SSE held a seminar for STAR Market companies by video link. Li Qiang, Party Secretary of Shanghai, and Yi Huiman, Chairman of CSRC, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

    18-22 Jul

    The 12th General Assembly of SSE was held off-site.

    4 Jul

    ETFs were officially included in the trading connectivity mechanism between the Mainland and Hong Kong stock markets. SSE, together with SZSE, HKEX and CSDC, jointly held the launching ceremony.

    10 Jun

    SSE published Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market Issuance and Listing Review Rules Application Guideline No. 7 - Application of the Fifth Set of Listing Criteria for Medical Device Enterprises (SSE [2022] No. 89), to further improve the STAR Market's support mechanism for the listing of medical device companies with key and core technology.

    5 Jun

    The CPC Committee of SSE submitted to the CCDI, the NCS and the Financial Stability and Development Commission of the State Council the Report on the Progress of Rectification and Implementation of the Feedback for the CPC Committee of the Shanghai Stock Exchange by the Second Inspection Group of the Eighth Round of Inspection of the Nineteenth CPC Central Committee, reporting on the progress of the rectification and implementation of the feedback from the inspection.

    30 May

    SSE, together with the Yangtze River Delta Regional Cooperation Office, Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission, as the co-directors, initiated the establishment of the Yangtze River Delta Infrastructure REITs Industry Alliance. On December 8, the first Yangtze River Delta REITs Forum and China REITs Forum 2022 Annual Meeting was held, which was jointly organized by SSE, China REITs Forum, and Yangtze River Delta Infrastructure REITs Industry Alliance.

    20 May

    SSE published Shanghai Stock Exchange Corporate Bond Issuance and Listing Review Rules Application Guideline No. 4 - Science and Technology Innovation Corporate Bonds (SSE [2022] No. 77), launching science and technology innovation corporate bonds, and basically forming a bond financing support system for the whole life cycle of science and technology innovation enterprises.

    15 May

    SSE, together with 66 organizations including asset management institutions and universities, jointly published the Initiative on Value Investment and Long-term Investment in Capital Market, creating a good atmosphere for actively practicing value investment and long-term investment.

    26 Mar

    SSE published the Notice on Waiving Relevant Fees for the Year 2022. On March 27, SSE published the Notice on Measures to Optimize Self-Regulatory Services in Response to the Pandemic and to Further Safeguard Market Operation, implementing and fine-tuning the measures to support pandemic prevention and control and safeguard market operation.

    25 Mar

    SSE published the Interim Measures for the Listing and Trading of Depository Receipts under the Stock Connect Scheme between Shanghai Stock Exchange and Overseas Stock Exchanges (SSE [2022] No. 37) and relevant supporting guidelines. On July 28, the depository receipt business under the China-Switzerland Stock Connect was officially launched, and the first two SSE-listed companies successfully issued and listed Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

    13 Mar

    SSE successively launched the smallest operation team for trading business and technical system, and the smallest operation unit for the whole Exchange, which stayed in the office building until June 2 to ensure the safety and reliability of trading operation during the pandemic prevention and control period in Shanghai, and make every effort to maintain the stable operation of the market. Since December, infection had been surging in various places. After receiving the first report of staff tested positive on December 11, SSE actively took prudent preventive and control measures and quickly passed the peak of infection within half a month, which ensured the safe operation of trading and the normal operation of the whole Exchange.

    23 Feb

    The Second Central Inspection Group gave feedback to the CPC Committee of SSE on its inspection.

    27 Jan

    SSE published the Shanghai Stock Exchange Rules for Bond Trading (SSE [2022] No. 24) and relevant supporting guidelines.

  • 30 Dec

    The SSE and CSI jointly released SSE50 ESG Benchmark Index and other four SSE ESG indices, providing performance benchmark and diversified investment targets for ESG and green investment.

    24 Dec

    To continuously improve the Mainland-Hong Kong Trading link and expand existing investment scope, according to the joint announcement by the CSRC and SFC, the SSE, SZSE, HKeX, and CSDC have reached consensus on the overall plan of including ETF into the connectivity.

    20 Dec

    The new Bond Trading System was launched and the separation of trading of bonds from the trading of stocks was realized steadily. It is also the first time for the SSE to adopt X86 structure in its core trading system.

    10 Nov

    The SSE accepts the first listing application of stock transfer from the SELECT NEEQ to the STAR Market.


    The SSE’s core trading system’s relocation was successfully completed and the Data Center in Jinqiao was put into use.

    25 Oct

    The SSE 2021 Investor Conference with the theme of “Embracing Growth Opportunities in the New Development Stage” opened.

    18 Sep

    The SSE revised and released Implementing Measures for SSE STAR Market Stock Issuing and Underwriting (SSE [2021]No. 76) and Guidance 1 for SSE STAR Market Issuing and Underwriting Rules – Initial Public Offering of Stocks (SSE[2021]No.77) to further improve the IPO issuance and underwriting system for STAR Market.

    16 Aug

    The SSE released the first STAR Market-themed index – SSE STAR Market New Generation Information Technology Index (‘STAR Market IT’ for short) with the index code of “000682”.

    28 Jul

    The SSE donated 10 million yuan to Henan Charity General Federation and rolled out measures including waiving listing fees, online voting service fees and donating 1 million yuan as charity funds for reconstruction after the flood to support the disaster-relief and reconstruction work of Henan.

    22 Jul

    At the second anniversary of launch of STAR Market, the SSE organized a seminar with STAR listed companies. Representatives from 10 listed companies including biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, new material, new energy, energy-conservation and environment-protection attended the seminar and spoke. In the past two years, the number of listed companies on the board hit 313, with a market cap of 4.95 trillion yuan and fund raised at 380 billion yuan.

    22-28 Jun

    The SSE held the 11th Members’ Assembly online.

    21 Jun

    The first batch of public offered infrastructure REITs went listed on the SSE.

    1 Jun

    With the approval of the CSRC and the SFC, the first pair of ETF products were listed on the SSE and HKeX under the Stock Connect.

    28 May

    The SSE successfully held the exchange industry technology meeting themed as “Empowered with Digital Technology, Upholding Fundamental Principles and Breaking New Ground”. Mr. ZHAO Zhengping, Vice Chair of the CSRC attended the meeting and delivered a speech. During the meeting, the SSE Science and Technology Strategy Planning (2021-2025) was released.

    16 Apr

    The SSE revised and released the Temporary Measures for the Issuance, Listing Application and Recommendation of STAR Market Companies on the SSE to guide and regulate the application of issuers and recommendation by underwriters.

    18 Mar

    The SSE revised and released the Detailed Measures for the Review of Listing and Termination of Listing of Stocks on Main Board of the SSE (SSE[2021]No. 18) to keep the measures consistent with the newly issued rules for delisting.

    26 Feb

    The SSE released Measures for Transfer and Listing of Listed Companies on NEEQ to STAR Market of the SSE (for Trial) (SSE [2021] No. 17).

    25 Feb

    The first batch of carbon neutral green bonds completed the pilot issuance on the SSE. This is an important measure for the exchange to deeply implement the new development concept, help accelerate the establishment and improvement of a green and low-carbon circular development economic system, and promote the real economy of green financial services.

    29 Jan

    The SSE released Business Measures for Publicly Offered Infrastructure REITs Business of the SSE (SSE [2021]No. 9).

    22 Jan

    The SSE released the Announcement of Revoking Certain Business Rules, Guidance and Procedures (SSE Announcement [2021] No. 3) and launched the new business rule system guide map. It is a symbol for the first-stage achievement of the establishment of “simple and friendly” rule system.

    22 Jan

    The SSE revised and released Implementing Measures for Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect of the SSE (SSE [2021]No. 8). 12 STAR Market listed stocks were included into the scope of Shanghai-Hong Stock Connect from February 1st.

    12 Jan

    The SSE issued a disciplinary decision to publicly reprimand Brilliance Automotive Group Holdings Co., Ltd., its chairman and the person in charge of information disclosure affairs.

  • 19 Dec

    On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the SSE held meetings to solicit opinions on the SSE's work in 2020 and arrangements for 2021.

    27 Oct

    The Shanghai Stock Exchange Global Investors Conference 2020 inaugurated in Shanghai.

    22 Jul

    The SSE held listing ceremony to celebrate the one year Anniversary of STAR Market.

    29 Apr

    The SSE STAR Market boasts the first one hundred listed companies.

    16 Mar

    The first corporate bond under registration-based system was issued on SSE.

    1 Mar

    The SSE announced the implementation of registration-based system for public issuance of corporate bonds.

    24 Feb

    The SSE held the first virtual IPO ceremony.

  • December

    The new market surveillance system of the SSE was officially put into use.

    31 Dec

    The SSE released the notice for cutting fees for listed companies.

    26 Dec

    The Ministry of Science and Technology and the SSE signed an MOU on jointly promoting the development of the SSE STAR Market and strengthening support for innovation.

    23 Dec

    The listing ceremony of CSI 300 ETF Options was held on the SSE.

    20 Dec

    The SSE launches new official English website on the occasion of its 29th anniversary.

    17 Dec

    The SSE launched Credit Protection Certificates to support companies' bond financing through credit enhancement.


    The 2019 International Workshop for Stock Exchanges co-organized by the SSE and the Shanghai International Center for Communication and Cooperation between Exchanges was held in Shanghai.

    22 Jul

    The first batch of 25 companies were listed on the SSE STAR Market.

    25 Jun

    China-Japan ETF Connectivity was launched.

    21 Jun

    China A shares was included in FTSE Russell GEIS.

    17 Jun

    Shanghai-London Stock Connect was officially launched, the first Global Depository Receipts (GDR) was listed under the Connect on the London Stock Exchange. Meanwhile, the SSE London Office was officially opened.

    14 Jun

    The opening ceremony of the Shanghai International Center for Communication and Cooperation between Exchanges was held at the 11th Lujiazui Forum. The center was jointly initiated by the SSE, the SZSE and the Shanghai Stock Exchange Foundation.

    13 Jun

    The SSE STAR Market was officially launched.

    22 Apr

    The China-Japan Capital Markets Forum was held in Shanghai.

    27 Mar

    The SSE and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange signed a supplemental agreement for the Green Bond Info Channel Cooperation Agreement.

    1 Mar

    The SSE South Center was opened in Guangzhou.

  • 5 Nov

    President Xi announced at the first China International Import Expo that China would set up the Science and Technology Innovation Board (SSE STAR Market) at the Shanghai Stock Exchange and experiment with the registration-based IPO system.

    2 Nov

    The SSE launched pilot business of market credit protection instrument to support bond financing of private enterprises.

    26 Oct

    The SSE and the Japan Exchange Group signed an MOU on Closer Cooperation.

    16 Oct

    The MOU Signing Ceremony between SSE and Euronext was held.

    3 Oct

    Huang Hongyuan, Chairman of the SSE, was elected Board Director of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) at the 58th WFE General Assembly.

    12 Sep

    The SSE, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Bank of China held the Signing Ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the "Green Bond Info Channel".

    6 Jul

    The opening ceremony of the Astana International Exchange (AIX), co-built by the SSE and the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) was held in Astana Kazakhstan.

    8 Jun

    The SSE hosted the WFE board of directors meeting and the summit forum on capital market development.

    14 May

    The SSE & SZSE Consortium and the Dhaka Stock Exchange of Bangladesh (DSE) held the signing ceremony of equity acquisition agreement in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


    China A shares was included in MSCI Indexes.

    25 Apr

    The SSE Vision and Action Plan for Supporting Green Development and Promoting Green Finance (2018-2020) was issued.

  • 9 Feb

    The first ETF options – SSE 50 ETF Options were listed.

  • Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was officially launched.

  • The first Cross - Border ETF was listed.

  • RMB Qualified Foreign Institution Investors (RQFII) scheme was introduced.

  • Pilot margin trading and short selling program commenced.

  • The first ETF – SSE 50 ETF was listed.

  • Qualified Foreign Institution Investors (QFII) scheme was introduced.

  • First B-share traded in foreign currencies was listed.

  • 19 Dec

    SSE started formal operations.

    26 Nov

    Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) was founded.