The supreme authority of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
 The decision-making body of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
 The supervisory body of the SSE, independently exercising the rights of supervision by law.
In charge of internal administration and coordination, with its Information Office in charge of news and publicity for the whole exchange.
In charge of training officials and talents, and organization setting of the exchange.
In charge of basic-level CPC-related affairs, publicity and culture; supports the work of SSE Labor Union, CYL Committee, and SSE Foundation.
In charge of upholding the party constitution and other party regulations, checking the implementation of the party line, guidelines, policies and resolutions, assisting the SSE party committee in promoting the overall strict governance of the party, improving conduct and organizing and coordinating anti-corruption work.
Leads the business operation management of the whole exchange, promoting the construction and improvement of business safety operation system, and responsible for safeguarding and performing the related business operation work.
In charge of listing services, including policy introduction, cultivation of pipeline and channel maintenance, etc.; leading market services; undertaking business operations of issuance and listing, as well as supervision and management of underwriting of stock issuance on the STAR Market and other related work.
In charge of the listing review for the STAR Market.
The Center consists of General Department, Review Department 1, Review Department 2, Review Department 3, Quality Control Department and other departments.
In charge of ongoing supervision of listed companies on the main board of SSE, including regular information disclosure supervision, accounting supervision, corporate governance, and risk handling of listed companies, and responsible for the business operation, process management, business system construction, and technology supervision in the sphere of company supervision.
In charge of the ongoing supervision of SSE main board companies under risk alert and some of the risk companies, delisting work of SSE main board companies, and handling relevant violations by SSE listed companies.
In charge of ongoing supervision of listed companies on the SSE STAR Market, including regular information disclosure supervision, accounting supervision, corporate governance, relevant business rule-making, and risk handling of listed companies. Responsible for the business operation, process management, business system construction, and technology supervision in the sphere of company supervision, and review of refinancing in collaboration with the Listing Review Center.
In charge of organizing and implementing on-site inspections, on-site supervision and related work.
In charge of supervising the services provided by audit and appraisal institutions for listed securities on the SSE; providing professional technical support in accounting and auditing to relevant departments within the SSE; cooperating and implementing the relevant accounting supervision work of the Accounting Department of the CSRC; and other relevant work.
In charge of assisting in handling cases of securities market violations assigned by the Administrative Penalty Committee of the CSRC, promoting the connection between front-line supervision of the exchange and administrative enforcement of the CSRC, and improving the effectiveness of system-wide regulation.
In charge of membership management for members and non-member business participants, self-regulation of members, comprehensive services for members, management of member-related capital intermediary business on the market and related risk monitoring, and promotion of member business development.
In charge of SSE bond development planning, financing review, issuance and listing, regular supervision, risk prevention and control, safe operation, trading innovation and other business, promoting the construction and development of SSE bond market.
Leads the research and implementation of the SSE’s internationalization strategy, initiating and implementing international business innovation and international cooperation projects. Responsible for international market promotion and international investor services, international organization affairs management, overseas investment project management, foreign affairs management and international capital market research.
In charge of the innovation and development, promotion, services, regular supervision and safe operation of derivatives and fund products; conducting registration and daily management of institutions related to the Shanghai-London Stock Connect business; responsible for the research and innovation of trading mechanisms and other innovative products, and the formulation and revision of relevant trading rules and regulations.
In charge of monitoring abnormalities in securities trading and assisting in the investigation and handling of cases of securities trading violations.
In charge of monitoring and assessing the overall operation and systemic risks of the SSE stock market, paying attention to macro policies, hot public opinions, related markets and products and other influences. Improve the monitoring system, write analysis reports, indicate major risks and make policy recommendations when appropriate.
In charge of the legal affairs of SSE, the coordination of business rule-making, relevant legal research, compliance review and handling external judicial affairs.
In charge of investor education, investor protection, investor survey, investor service, investor relationship management, and builds investor suitability management system for various business lines.
In charge of training for market participants, focusing on capital market training and cultivation for technology and innovation enterprises, as well as technology and innovation-related training for investment banks and intermediaries.
Leads the drafting and tracking of the strategic plan for SSE's technology development, providing support and advice for SSE’s technology decisions, and coordinating SSE’s work related to technology management.
In charge of data management and planning for the whole exchange, building standards for data management, carrying out data governance, providing data support services, establishing and improving statistical systems and standards, producing and publishing market statistics, and planning and compilation of indices.
In charge of services for listed companies, enterprises to be listed, bond market, fund and derivatives market, corporate training, and investor services, etc. in the northern region, and management of staff on secondment in Beijing.
In charge of formulating financial policies and systems, planning of financial resource allocation, implementing financial management, and accounting, analysis, supervision and control of the financial activities of the whole exchange.
In charge of using audit tools to carry out internal supervision and inspection, evaluating internal control measures, improving the compliance of the exchange’s business activities, and strengthening the audit supervision of key businesses; cooperate with higher audit authorities and external audit institutions to carry out various inspections, and promote governance improvement and stronger internal control to achieve development goals.
Leads the drafting of strategic planning for development, conducting research related to capital market regulation, development, innovation and risk prevention, and providing research support for the business development of the exchange and the strategic decision-making of the exchange’s leadership.
In charge of the coordination and administration for the Museum.
In charge of overseas promotion, gathering Hong Kong securities market information, and assisting in the liaison between SSE and institutions in the Hong Kong securities industry.
In charge of providing liaison and support for SSE’s cross-border business, promoting the China A-share market to European investors and market participants, and conducting research on European financial markets.
Responsible for the planning, construction and operation of the information technology system and key technical infrastructure of the SSE, and provide technology services and innovative product services for members and other market participants.
Responsible for providing services for various market participants including the SSE, listed companies, securities companies and investors around the three major strategies of data information, Internet and technological services on the basis of ensuring safe operation. The company has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, China Investment Information Services Co., Ltd. and SSE (Guangzhou) InfoNet Co., Ltd.
Responsible for the security, asset management, procurement management, and logistics services of the SSE, and the management of assistants and auxiliary personnel of the SSE.
Responsible for the construction and infrastructure operation and maintenance of the Jinqiao Data Center of the SSE.
Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the China Securities Museum, mainly focusing on the basic functions of the China Securities Museum, including exhibition, research, collection, protection, education, and services.