The supreme authority of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
 The decision-making body of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
 The supervisory body of the SSE, independently exercising the rights of supervision by law.
In charge of internal administration and coordination, and the press.
In charge of human resources management and development, and team building of CPC members.
Managing CPC-related affairs, publicity and affairs of the SSE Labor Union.
In charge of disciplinary inspection and efficiency monitoring.
Arranging and managing daily trading, ensuring normal operation of the electronic trading system, implementing new products and new methods and providing trading support for members.
Conducting market promotion to pre-IPO companies, leading the planning and management of external market promotion services, and providing offering and listing services.
Reviews listing of companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. The center consists of four divisions: General Division, Review Division Ⅰ, Review Division Ⅱ and Quality Control Division. The General Division is responsible for administration of the Center and team management, material acceptance, document circulation and coordination with the Listing Committee Secretariat. Review Division Ⅰ and Review Division Ⅱ both handle IPO listing review and are divided by different industries. Quality Control Division supervises the whole process of listing review and the work of intermediary agencies.
Supervising information disclosure, accounting matters, corporate governance, social responsibility and internal control of listed companies and taking disciplinary action against illegal acts.
Conducting research on listed companies refinancing, Registration System reform and M&A and reorganization policies.
Continuous supervision of companies on Science and Technology Innovation Board, and M&A and reorganization supervision.
Organizes and conducts onsite inspection and other regulatory work.
Cooperates with the CSRC to assist in the circuit trial of violation cases in the securities market.
Membership manages qualifications of members and non-member participants, serving and supervising members, and promoting their business development, governance and operational capabilities.
In charge of planning of the SSE bond market, bond offering and listing, daily supervision and safe operation of bond trading, promoting development of the SSE bond market.
Enhancing international communication and cooperation, administrating overseas business trips, conducting research on overseas markets and conducting overseas market promotion.
The innovation, development, promotion, daily supervision and safe operation of derivative products and fund products, promoting the development of the SSE’s derivative and fund markets.
To monitor abnormalities in securities trading and assist in the investigation of violations.
To do research on the institution, system, mechanism and methods for major risk prevention from an overarching perspective.
In charge of legal affairs of the exchange, coordinating formulation of business rules, research of laws, compliance auditing and external legal affairs.
Conducting investor education, providing market service and corporate training, enhancing the risk awareness of investors and promoting the services of the SSE.
In charge of enterprise training of the SSE market, especially training and incubation of science and technology enterprises, and training of securities firms, investment banks and intermediaries, and training on science and technology industry for SSE’s listing review and regulation team.
In charge of technology solution support and issuing industry technical specifications.
Compiling and publicizing the SSE indices and market statistical statements, collecting, storing and making backup of SSE business data, and planning and managing the SSE’s data and information.
Serving listed companies, to-be-listed companies, bonds, funds and derivatives market, enterprise training, investor service, etc., and managing seconded personnel in Beijing.
In charge of accounting auditing, internal financial management, supervision, and tax management for the SSE.
Coordinating the compliance of business activities , conducting internal compliance auditing, ensuring the safe, compliant and efficient operation of the SSE.
Formulating the SSE Strategic Development Plan, conducting economic and financial research and financial innovative experiments, and providing professional support.
Facilitating overseas market promotion, exploring information and updated development of Hong Kong capital market, and strengthening the SSE’s communication and cooperation with Hong Kong institutions.
To undertake liaison activities supporting and facilitating SSE cross-broader businesses, to promote Chinese A share market to European investors and market participants, and to conduct research on European financial markets.
In charge of the museum and exhibition related work.
In charge of the studying of the plan for establishing the Free Trade Zone Trading Platform operation institution, and thoroughly conducting market and policy research.
Currently responsible for the construction of the new site of the SSE, and the property service work of the Shanghai International Finance Center after the project is completed.
Planning, constructing and maintaining the SSE IT systems and important technology infrastructures, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the market, providing technology services and innovative products to market participants and constantly enhancing the technology service abilities of the SSE.
Implementing the SSE Internet Strategic Plan, building and maintaining the SSE official website, information service system, and CA center for the securities industry, and marketing the SSE information resources.
In charge of the construction of the new SSE office building.
As a wholly-owned overseas operating agency of the SSE's information business, it operates the SSE's overseas market license, provides information services of the SSE, and provides market information agency for domestic and foreign exchanges.
In charge of the operations and management of SSE Jinqiao IDC infrastructure.