SSE Equities Introduction

A-shares, or RMB-denominated common shares, refer to ordinary shares issued by companies incorporated and listed in mainland China and subscribed and traded in RMB.

B-shares refer to RMB-denominated special shares subscribed and traded in foreign currencies. B-shares are foreign investment shares listed and traded in mainland China exchanges, i.e. Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. They are issued by companies incorporated and listed in mainland China.

Chinese Depository Receipts (CDRs) are certificates issued by mainland China custodian banks, representing the listed shares that are deposited by foreign listed companies (Hong Kong companies included) in their local depositary banks. CDRs are listed on the A-share market in mainland China and are traded and settled in RMB by mainland China investors.

Market Statistics

Last Update:2019-09-06

Performance of Listed Companies

Summary of 2020 Annual Report

  Main Board STAR Market
No. of Listed Companies 1,585 215
Total Market Value (RMB100 mn) 421,831 33,491
Free Float Market Capitalization (RMB100 mn) 370,011 10,002
Turnover (RMB100 mn) 773,631 66,230
Capital Raised 6,913 2,237
- Capital Raised through IPO 1,251 2,226
No. of IPO Companies 88 145

Geographic Distribution of SSE Listed Companies