Eligible Investor Overseas institutional investors who are granted access to the Chinese bond market may, as institutional investors among professional investors, invest in the SSE bond market directly or through bond connect.
Eligible Bonds Overseas institutional investors may participate in the subscription, trading or transfer of bonds (including exchangeable corporate bonds and convertible corporate bonds), asset-backed securities, bond lending, relevant derivative products for risk management purposes, and bond funds (including bond-trading open-ended index funds).

People's Bank of China Shanghai Headquarters Filing System (https://ibrs.chinamoney.com.cn/IBRSW/)

Trading, Clearing and Settlement

Overseas institutional investors shall entrust a qualified commercial bank as the custodian, entrust a domestic securities company with membership of the SSE as trading participant to participate in bond trading, entrust a domestic securities company with the qualification as clearing and settlement participant of the CSDC to handle the clearing and settlement business, and open securities accounts according to the rules of the CSDC. A securities account of an overseas institutional investor can only be designated to one trading participant.

China Securities Regulatory Commission List of Custodian Banks for Qualified Foreign Investors(http://www.csrc.gov.cn/csrc/c101900/c1029654/content.shtml

List of Members of the Shanghai Stock Exchange(http://www.sse.com.cn/market/othersdata/memberdata/memberlist/

Settlement Participants of the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited(http://www.chinaclear.cn/zdjs/jscyrzqgsl/khdljglist.shtml

Information Submission

Overseas institutional investors shall sign an engagement letter for information submission with the domestic custodian. The custodian shall submit the basic information of the overseas institutional investor, the basic information of the custodian and the basic information of the trading participant to the SSE.

Information Form for Overseas Institutional Investors

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