SSE Officially Releases Projects to Do Practical Things for the Market in 2023

15 Mar 2023

On the basis of the Action Plan of the Shanghai Stock Exchange to Further Promote "Open-Door Review, Open-Door Supervision and Open-Door Service" previously released to the market, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) has sorted out and formed the Project List of the Shanghai Stock Exchange to Do Practical Things for the Market in 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the Project List) and officially released it today, with a view to further implementing the Action Plan.

By constantly focusing on urgent and difficult issues that concern all market entities and conducting extensive research such as "visiting market entities and investors", combined with the comprehensive registration system reform, digital transformation and other priorities of the year, the SSE has developed the Project List to further improve its work style, enhance its service efficiency, and raise market entities' sense of gain and satisfaction. The Project List consists of ten "practical things" in five aspects, covering the SSE's main business areas such as regulatory review, market services, information technology, and product innovation. The first is to optimize information transmission to promote "power under the sun". The SSE has published a letter of proposal to work with issuers to push forward "open-door review", where it clearly shows the channels of consultation and communication and clarifies the discipline of integrity. The second is to offer comprehensive services to build a "shopkeeper" work style. The SSE has formed demonstration cases of comprehensive services and launched ongoing activities such as "SSE Capital Market Service Week", "Sci-Tech Innovation Salon", etc. to provide comprehensive and precise services for enterprises' listing. It has also introduced FAQs on transfer by agreements and improved business guidelines to further enhance service quality. The third is to promote digital services to perfect user experience. By building the "One-Stop Online Service" mobile terminal and providing the "e-signature" service of SSE Chain, the SSE facilitates the mobile and electronic handling of business processes, so as to further improve service efficiency and experience. The fourth is to vigorously develop products to meet investors' needs. The SSE has stepped up its efforts to develop bond ETFs and central SOEs-themed ETFs to enrich investors' wealth management tools. It has constantly updated the universal simulation trading platform to offer potential investors a variety of simulated trading. The fifth is to implement fee cutting to reduce costs for market entities. The SSE is expected to cut fees by RMB 500 million yuan this year.

The people’s expectations are the objectives for public service. Following the release of the Project List, all market participants are welcome to send their comments and suggestions. The SSE will continue to focus on the "practical things" of your concern and care, make every effort to provide good services, and build a service-oriented and friendly exchange.

Notice on Releasing Project List of the Shanghai Stock Exchange to Do Practical Things for the Market in 2023