SSE Lists and Trades CSI 500 ETF Options on September 19, 2022

16 Sep 2022

Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) will list and trade CSI 500 ETF option contract (abbreviation of contract underlying securities: CSI 500 ETF, code: 510500) on September 19, 2022 to better meet the risk management needs of investors.

In February 2015, China's first exchange-traded options product, the SSE 50 ETF options, was officially listed and traded, making a breakthrough in exchange-traded stock options. In December 2019, the listing of the CSI 300 ETF options opened a new stage for the multi-underlying-asset operation of SSE's stock options market. All along, the SSE's stock options market has been characterized by stable operation, reasonable market pricing, rational investor participation, steady growth in market size and gradual performance of its economic functions. For this reason, it has won wide recognition in the market. The new variety of SSE CSI 500 ETF options is of far-reaching significance to enrich the risk management instruments of the stock market, improve the product structure and function of China's capital market, and enhance the ability to serve the real economy.

At present, under the unified guidance of the CSRC, the SSE has made full preparations for the listing and trading of CSI 500 ETF options. After the successful listing of CSI 500 ETF option contract, it will continue to strengthen the front-line supervision, so as to ensure the compliant and robust operation of the SSE options market and the effective performance of economic functions.

Notice of Matters Relating to Listing and Trading of CSI 500 ETF Option Contract on the Shanghai Stock Exchange