SSE Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Reform Holdings Corporation Ltd.

13 Sep 2022

Recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the SSE) and China Reform Holdings Corporation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Reform) held a cloud signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation agreement. At the signing ceremony, China Securities Index Co., Ltd. and China Reform Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Reform, announced that they will jointly develop the "1+N" series of central state-owned enterprises (central SOEs) indexes and release the first central SOEs composite index of China Securities and China Reform. Cai Jianchun, Deputy Party Secretary and President of SSE, and Zhou Yubo, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Reform, attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches. Dong Guoqun, member of the Party Committee and Executive Vice President of SSE, and Liu Xueshi, member of the Party Committee and Chief Accountant of China Reform, signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides.

According to the agreement, the two sides will focus on serving central SOEs, promote them to optimize their existing business and refine their incremental business, and carry out comprehensive cooperation in serving the quality improvement of state-owned listed companies, promoting the healthy development of the capital market, and facilitating the improvement of the layout and structure of the state-owned sector. The two sides will actively promote institutional investors and analysts to visit central SOEs, support state-owned listed companies to hold performance meetings, strengthen the promotion of public REITs for central SOEs and research on ESG information disclosure system, and jointly provide professional and systematic capital market consulting and training services to central SOEs.

Zhou Yubo said that the in-depth strategic cooperation between China Reform and the SSE is a critical initiative to implement the important decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and promote the high-quality development of central SOEs through capital market, which is profound for improving the layout and structure of the state-owned sector. China Reform and the SSE have the same goal and shoulder the same mission in implementing national strategies and serving central SOEs. In recent years, the two sides have made a range of positive explorations in promoting central SOEs to leverage the hub function of capital market to accelerate asset securitization and boost innovative development momentum, implying a good basis for cooperation. Going forward, China Reform will work with the SSE to promote the implementation of a series of activities to serve central SOEs in a coordinated manner, so as to better ensure the healthy development of capital market and build up the strength, quality and size of central SOEs.

Cai Jianchun said that central SOEs are pivotal and play a key role in the country's economic and social development. Previously, the SASAC released the Work Plan for Improving the Quality of Listed Companies Controlled by Central Enterprises, which is far-reaching and expected to further build up the strength, quality and size of central SOEs. Attaching great importance, the SSE constantly optimizes its services to central SOEs, improves relevant systems and mechanisms and provides comprehensive services across the product lines, thus contributing to the reform and development of SOEs and central SOEs. In recent years, the SSE and China Reform have given full play to their respective advantages and achieved a series of cooperation results. Leveraging the agreement signing, the SSE will work together with China Reform to promote the capital market to access, understand and recognize central SOEs, facilitate the positive interaction between the capital market and the high-quality development of central SOEs, and better serve the creation of a new development pattern.