Notice on Adjusting Arrangements for Southbound Trading Days under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect During 2020 Spring Festival Holiday

27 Jan 2020

CIIS [2020] No. 3 Document

All market participants:

According to the relevant requirements in the “Announcement on Adjusting Relevant Arrangements for Market Closure During 2020 Spring Festival Holiday” (SSE Announcement [2020] No. 6 Document) and the “Measures of Shanghai Stock Exchange for Implementation of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Business”, the arrangements for the southbound trading days under the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect during the 2020 Spring Festival holiday are adjusted as follows:

1. The southbound trading services will not be available from January 22 (Wednesday) to February 2 (Sunday), and it will be open as usual on February 3 (Monday).

2. The clearing and settlement for the southbound trading shall be conducted in accordance with the arrangements of China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd.

The market participants are required to make relevant arrangements accordingly.

China Investment Information Services Limited