Adjustment List for STAR 50 Index, STAR Next Generation IT Index and Other Indices

27 Aug 2021

  Based on index methodology and after deliberating by the Index Advisory Committee, Shanghai Stock Exchange and China Securities Index Co., Ltd. decided to adjust constituents of STAR 50 Index, STAR Next Generation IT Index and other indices. All changes will be implemented since Sep 13, 2021. For the adjustment list and reserve list of STAR 50, please see following table. And for the adjustment list of other SSE indices, please see attached for details.

  Adjustment list for STAR 50 Index:

Deletion List Addition list
Code Name Code Name
688020 Guangzhou Fang Bang Electronics Co.,Ltd. 688063 Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd.
688066 Piesat Information Technology Co., Ltd. 688536 3peak Incorporated
688098 Shanghai Shen Lian Biomedical Corporation 688608 Bestechnic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
688389 Shenzhen Lifotronic Technology Co.,Ltd. 688777 Zhejiang Supcon Technology Co., Ltd.
688567 Farasis Energy (Gan Zhou) Co., Ltd. 688819 Tianneng Battery Group Co.,Ltd.

  Reserve list for STAR 50 Index:

Rank Code Name
1 688686 Opt Machine Vision Tech Co., Ltd.
2 688055 InfoVision Optoelectronics ( Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
3 688050 Eyebright Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
4 688520 Sinocelltech Group Limited
5 688200 Beijing Huafeng Test & Control Technology Co.,Ltd.

  Adjustment Lists for SSE Indices

  Shanghai Stock Exchange

  China Securities Index Co., Ltd.

  Aug 27, 2021