Shanghai Stock Exchange Global Investors Conference 2022

The SSE GIC 2022 was held on November 9-16, 2022. The theme of SSE GIC 2022 was “Openness, Innovation and Sustainability”.

The week-long conference brought together nearly 100 distinguished guest speakers, including China’s financial regulators and senior policy makers, global institutional investors, representatives of financial intermediaries, renowned economists and scholars, industry leaders and entrepreneurs. They shared insights on the opportunities brought by the reform and opening-up of China’s capital market and prospects for the future development of China's key sectors. Around 1,400 audiences from various investing and financing institutions joined the conference virtually.

The first three days (9-11 November) of the conference focused on subjects that are of key importance to China’s capital market. Senior policy makers shared their insights on capital market opening-up, macro-economic outlook, green finance, etc. Specific pivotal questions were addressed and discussed, including the financing support to “key technology” by the STAR Market, the development of China’s public infrastructure REITs market, ESG investment trend in China, etc. Sector highlights were also covered, including consumers, semiconductors, new energy and biomedicine, to show the investment opportunities arising from the high quality development of China’s economy.

The last three days (14-16 November) were for corporate access, where small group meetings allowed investors to have a virtual face-to-face communication with the senior management of around 80 SSE Main Board and the STAR Market industry-leading companies from 13 industries.

More information about the event is available at:

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