Shanghai Stock Exchange Global Investors Conference 2020

27 Oct 2020

Shanghai Stock Exchange Global Investors Conference 2020 (SSE GIC) took place on October 27-29, 2020, in Shanghai.

The SSE GIC 2020 was hosted both in-person and virtually, offering a virtual access for the overseas attendees.

SSE GIC 2020 brought together Chinese financial regulators and senior policy makers, global institutional investors, representatives of financial intermediaries, renowned economists and scholars, industry leaders and entrepreneurs to share views and thoughts of building Shanghai International Financial Center as well as to provide insights on China's capital market reform and development.

The SSE GIC focused on macro topics that are of key importance to China's capital market, including the new starting point of China's economy, further opening-up of China's capital markets, exchange market developments, etc. More specific industry-level pivotal questions were addressed and discussed, including major revisions and substantial changes of new QFII rules, WFOE's participation in China's fund market, and outlook for China REITs Market. Particularly on day 3, there was a dedicated seminar on ESG related issues.

More information about the event agenda is available at: