SSE Indices System Construction

SSE Composite Index, published on July 15, 1991, is the first index to reflect the performance of the whole Shanghai securities market, which includes the whole listed A shares and B shares stocks on SSE and is calculated based on total market capitalization of these listed stocks. It represents the 20-year-history development of China Capital Markets, and which is the most widely used index in China's securities market.

In June 2002, SSE restructured the original SSE 30 Index and renamed it SSE 180 Index. SSE 180 Index selects 180 of the most representative stocks listed on SSE based on sector representation, size and liquidity to reflect the overall situation and operation of Shanghai securities market and serve as performance benchmark of these well-known big blue-chip stocks as well as underlying instrument for financial derivatives.

SSE 50 Index, which was published in January 2004, includes 50 of the largest, highly liquid and most representative SSE-listed stocks and reflects the performance of a number of leading and most influential enterprises in Shanghai securities market.

The launch of SSE 380 index in November 2010 made SSE 380 as an indicator of national economy develop direction and economic structure adjustment, which selected 380 stocks which are well-developing, high profitable newly burgeoning corporates of Shanghai stock markets excluding the stocks in SSE 180 index, or loss making corporates and without dividends in recent 5 years.

SSE 100 index chooses top 100 stocks from SSE 380 index based on these corporates' increase rate of revenue, net profit and ROE in order to reflect Shanghai newly developing blue-chip markets, and which was published in April 2012.

SSE 150 index consists of the top 150 stocks excludes the component of SSE 180 Index and SSE 380 Index based on their increase rate of revenue, net profit and ROE in order to reflect potentiality of blue-chip markets, which was published in April 2012 as well.

SSE 50 index and SSE 180 index concentrate on traditional industries like Finance, Energy, Raw material and Heavy Industry, while SSE 380 index, SSE 100 Index and SSE 150 index jointly covered newly developing industries like Energy Solving, Green Power, IT, Bio-Tech, TMT and Consuming Markets, which indicates the direction of China Economy adjustment.

SSE Government Bonds Index is calculated based on those more than 1-year remaining maturity national government bonds' published quantities, which is made to reflect the whole bonds market's changes.

SSE Corporate Bonds Index selects eligible corporate bonds listed both at Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange with remaining term to final maturity over 1 year, which is made to reflect Corporate Bonds market's entire performance and profit. SSE Corporate Bond 30 Index is consisted of the top 30 best liquidity and largest issue scale corporate bonds, which is well-performed in the whole market, and can be used as bonds ETF target.

SSE Enterprise Bonds Index is the first index to reflect the price changes of enterprise bonds listed on SSE, and which is daily and timely calculated and published to the market in order to provide an accurate benchmark and analysis instrument.

SSE Fund constitutes all security investment funds listed at SSE, which can reflect fund market's price changes and performances.

SSE SH Equities Index selects the eligible equity securities under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect including the constituents of SSE 180 Index SSE 380 Index and A-shares stocks listed on both SSE and SEHK as constituents the Index is designed to reflect the market performance of eligible SH equity securities under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

SSE 50 Index, SSE 180 Index, SSE 380 Index, SSE 100 Index, SSE 150 Index separately represent the typical corporates in Shanghai ultra-large, large, medium and potential blue-chip corporates markets, all of which represent SSE's multi-level markets. SSE Bonds Index series and SSE Fund Index separately represent Shanghai bonds market and funds market. These indices jointly build up SSE indices system, and which are served for four targets of SSE, which are constructing blue-chip stock market, developing stock, establishing derivatives market, bonds market and internalizing SSE.

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