SSE Membership in International Organizations

No. Organizations Date of Accession Membership
1 International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) September 1996 Affiliate Member
2 Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation (AOSEF) April 2000 Member
3 World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) October 2002 Member
4 International Capital Market Association (ICMA) August 2015 Affiliate Member
5 UN Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative September 2017 Partner Exchange
6 Asian Financial Cooperation Association (AFCA) September 2018 Member

International Collaborations


In November 2015, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), Deutsche Borse (DB) and China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) set up a joint venture – China Europe International Exchange AG (CEINEX). Positioning itself as a trading and pricing center in Europe for offshore Renminbi assets, CEINEX will cater to the needs of investors for Renminbi financing and investments, build a comprehensive risk management platform and become a key overseas extension of and supplement to the domestic capital markets. On October 24, 2018, Qingdao Haier was listed on the D-share market of the Frankfurt-based CEINEX, signaling the official launch of the D-share market and representing a breakthrough for China in building an offshore market in Europe for Chinese blue-chips. As of the end of June 2019, 44 spot products have been listed on CEINEX for trading, including 1 stock, 16 ETFs, and 27 bonds. On February 20, 2017, CEINEX debuted futures contracts on Deutsche X-trackers Harvest CSI 300 ETF, and is actively working on more derivatives based on key indices in the Chinese mainland as well as on its own spot market products. For more information on CEINEX, please visit:

Pakistan Stock Exchange

In March 2017, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), China Financial Futures Exchanges (CFFEX), Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), Pak China Investment Company Limited, and Habib Bank Limited formed a consortium and acquired 40% stake in Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Dhaka Stock Exchange

In May 2018, the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission officially approved the bidding scheme of the Chinese consortium formed by the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE). With the approval of the regulatory authorities of the two countries, the SSE and SZSE consortium successfully acquired 25% of Dhaka Stock Exchange’s total capital.

Astana International Exchange

On July 5, 2018, the Astana International Exchange (AIX) formally started operation. As a strategic partner of the Astana International Finance Center (AIFC) Authority, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) holds a 25.1% stake in AIX and has sent staff to assist in the preparation of AIX. AIX officially opened for trading in November 2018.

Memorandum of Understanding with Overseas Stock Exchanges

No. Date of Signing Stock Exchanges Name of MOU Place of Signing Subscriber
1 Mar. 1994 London Stock Exchange plc, Inc. MOU Shanghai Li Xiangrui
Andrew Hugh Smith
Oct. 1998 MOU Shanghai Tu Guangshao
Gavin Casey
Jan. 2004 MOU Shanghai Geng Liang
Clara Furse
2 July 1995 NASD Information Shairing Agreement Washington D. C. Wei Wenyuan
Richard Ketchum
3 Feb. 1995 Pacific Exchange MOU Concerning the Provisions of Information for the Purpose of Regulation and Enforcement Shanghai and San Francisco Li Xiangrui
4 May. 2002 Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, Ltd. Cooperation Agreement on Exchange or Secondment of Executive Staff Shanghai Zhu Congjiu
Kuang Qizhi
Jan. 2009 Agreement on Regular Meetings between Senior Executives and on Staff Exchange Shanghai Zhang Yujun
Paul Chow
5 Sept. 2002 Australian Stock Exchange MOU Shanghai Zhu Congjiu
Richard G. Humphry AO
6 Dec. 2002 Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.   MOU Shanghai Zhu Congjiu
Masaaki Tsuchida
Aug. 2006 MOU Send by mail Zhu Congjiu
Taizo Nishimuro
Oct. 2018 JPX   MOU on Closer Cooperation Shanghai Jiang Feng
Akira Kiyota
7 Mar. 2003 Korea Stock Exchange MOU Shanghai Geng Liang
May. 2021 Korea Exchange   MOU on Closer Cooperation Send by mail CAI Jianchun
Sohn Byungdoo
8 Oct. 2003 New York Stock Exchange MOU New York Geng Liang
Robert G. Britz
9 Apr. 2004 Singapore Exchange Limited MOU Singapore Geng Liang
Hsieh Fu Hua
10 Sept. 2004 Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd. MOU Shanghai Zhu Congjiu
Mihio Yoneda
11 Sept. 2004 Vienna Stock Exchange MOU Vienna Geng Liang
Erich Obersteiner
Stefan Zapotocky
12 Nov. 2004 TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE, a division of TSX INC.  MOU Shanghai Geng Liang
John B. Cieslak
13 Nov. 2004 Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange MOU Shanghai Geng Liang
Alexander I. Potemkin
Sept. 2009 MOU(Index) Send by mail Zhang Yujun
Konstantin Korishchenko
14 Nov. 2004 DEUTSCHE BORSE AG MOU Shanghai Geng Liang
Werner G. Seifert
15 Mar. 2005 BOVESPA-Brazil's Stock Exchange MOU Brazil Geng Liang
Raymundo Magliand Filho
Aug. 2007 MOU Brazil Geng Liang
Raymundo Magliand Filho
16 Mar. 2005 Chicago Mercantile Exchange INC. MOU Send by mail Geng Liang
Terrence A. Duffy
17 Mar. 2005 Chicago Board Options Exchange, INC. MOU Send by mail Geng Liang
William J. Brodsky
18 Apr. 2005 Jakarta Stock Exchange MOU Shanghai Geng Liang
Erry Firmansyah
19 June 2005 BORSA ITALIANA MOU Beijing Geng Liang
Massimo Capuano
20 June 2005 BMV-Mexican Stock Exchange MOU Beijing Geng Liang
Guillermo Prieto-Trevino
21 June 2005 MTS S.p.A. The Letter of Intent for Cooperation Send by mail Zhu Congjiu
Philippe Rakotovao
22 Sept. 2005 OMX MOU Shanghai Zhu Congjiu
Hans-Ole Jochumsen
23 Sept. 2006 Luxembourg Stock Exchange MOU Shanghai Michel Maquil
Geng Liang
Sept. 2017 MOU Shanghai Wu Qing
Robert Sharfe
24 Sept. 2006 Bourse de Montreal Inc. MOU Shanghai Zhu Congjiu
Luc Bertrand
25 Sept. 2006 EURONEXT N.V. MOU Shanghai Geng Liang
Jean-Francois Theodore
Olivier Lefebvre
Oct. 2018   Euronext   MOU Shanghai Huang Hongyuan
Stephane Boujnah
26 Oct. 2006 The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC MOU New York James Liu
Adena T. Friedman
27 Apr. 2007 Karachi Stock Exchange(Guarantee)Limited MOU Beijing Geng Liang
Shehzad Chamdia
28 June 2007 Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchange MOU Cairo Geng Liang
Maged Shawky
Jan. 2010 The Egyptian Exchange MOU Shanghai Liu Xiaodong
Mohamed Omran
29 Oct. 2007 Istanbul Stock Exchange MOU Shanghai Geng Liang
Osman BiRSEN
30 Nov. 2007 Hochiminh Stock Exchange MOU Shanghai Geng Liang
Nguyen Doan Hung
31 Oct. 2008 The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd. MOU Milan Zhang Yujun
Ester Levanon
32 Oct. 2008 Malta Stock Exchange MOU Milan Zhang Yujun
Joseph Zammit Tabona
33 Feb. 2009 Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange MOU Abu Dhabi Geng Liang
Tom Healy
34 Apr. 2009 NZX Ltd. MOU Wellington Zhang Yujun
Mark Weldon
Oct. 2018 MoU Athens Huang Hongyuan
James Miller
35 Aug. 2009 Colombo Stock Exchange MOU Send by mail Zhang Yujun
Surekha Sellahewa
36 Apr. 2010 The Stock Exchange of Tahailnd MOU Shanghai Zhang Yujun
Patareeya Benjapolchai
37 Apr. 2012 JSE Limited MOU Johannesburg Xu Ming
Humphery Borkum
38 Oct. 2012 Hanoi Stock Exchange MOU Shanghai Liu Shian
Tran Van Dzung
39 Nov. 2012 Bursa Malaysia MOU Send by mail Huang Hongyuan
Dato' Tajuddin Atan
May 2017 MOU Beijing Wu Qing
Dato' Tajuddin Atan
40 Aug. 2013 Nairobi Securities Exchange MOU Nairobi  Gui Minjie
Bob Karina
41 Apr. 2014 Options Industry Council MOU By mail Yang Xin
Mary Savoie
42 July 2014 Taiwan Stock Exchange MOU By mail Gui Minjie
Sush-Der Lee
43 Nov. 2014 Irish Stock Exchange MOU Dublin Que Bo
Deirdre Somers
44 May. 2015 Kazakhstan Stock Exchange MOU Alma-Ata Huang Hongyuan
Maxat Kabashev
45 June 2015 SIX Swiss Exchange MOU Zurich Xie Wei
Urs Ruegsegger
Apr. 2019 MOU on Closer Cooperation Shanghai Huang Hongyuan
Romeo Lache
46 Jan. 2015 Athens Exchange Group MOU Athens Que Bo
Socrates Lazaridis
47 Dec. 2015 Moscow Exchange MOU Shanghai Huang Hongyuan
Alexey Kudrin
May. 2017 Strategic Cooperation Agreement Moscow Wu Qing
Alexander Afanasiev
48 May. 2017 Astana International Financial Center Cooperation agreement Astana Wu Qing
Kairat Kelimbetov
49 June 2017 BRVM - Bourse Regionale des Valeurs Mobilieres MOU Shanghai Huang Hongyuan
Edoh Amenounve
50 May. 2018 Budapest Stock Exchange MOU Budapest Que Bo
Richard Végh
51 Dec. 2018 Belarusian currency and stock exchange MOU by mail Huang Hongyuan
Andrei Aukhimenia
52 July 2019 BSE LTD. MOU Shanghai Jiang Feng
Ashishkumar Chauhan
53 Oct. 2019 Tehran Stock Exchange MOU Shanghai Pan Xuexian
Ali Sahraee
54 Jan. 2021 Belgrade Stock Exchange MOU Video Signing Cai Jianchun
Sinisa Krneta
55 Nov. 2021 Cambodia Securities Exchange MOU Send by mail Cai Jianchun
Hong Sokhour
56 June 2023 Mongolian Stock Exchange MOU Beijing Cai Jianchun
Altai Khangai
57 Sept. 2023 Saudi Tadawul Group MOU Riyadh Cai Jianchun
Khalid Abdullah Al-Hussan
58 Nov. 2023 Dubai Financial Market PJSC MOU Video Signing Cai Jianchun
Hamed Ali