SSE Holds Symposium on Rational Investment, Value Investment, and Long-term Investment to Systematically Advance Investor Protection Efforts

To thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference and earnestly implement the deployment and arrangements of the Several Opinions of the State Council on Strengthening Regulation, Preventing Risks and Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Capital Market (known as the State Council Nine-Point Guideline), the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) held a symposium on "Rational Investment, Value Investment, and Long-term Investment in the Capital Market" on May 17, 2024. The symposium gathered industry institutions to jointly promote the establishment of the concepts of rational investment, value investment, and long-term investment (hereinafter referred to as the "three investment" concept), cultivate and promote a financial culture with Chinese characteristics, and deeply practice the principle of "Five Do's and Five Don'ts". Cai Jianchun, Deputy Party Secretary and President of SSE, and Wang Hong, member of the Party Committee and Executive Vice President of SSE, attended the symposium. Leaders of 10 market institutions from bank financing, pension insurance, securities companies, public funds, private funds, universities, and media spoke at the symposium.

The participating institution leaders unanimously stated that they must always uphold the political and people-centered nature of financial work, return to the roots of the industry, and properly balance functionality with profitability. They emphasized the need to deeply implement the "customer-centered" concept and practice the "three investment" concept through concrete actions. They pointed out that the implementation of the "three investment" concept relies on concerted efforts from both the investment and financing sides. They suggested continuously improving policies, products, and service systems that meet the needs of medium- and long-term funds, optimizing policies and measures in accounting, finance and taxation, and state-owned asset assessment, continuing to promote the inclusion of more products in the private pension directory, and vigorously developing index and index-based investment to meet the policy, mechanism, allocation, and risk control needs for long-term funds entering the market. This would create a positive trend of balanced development and beneficial interaction between investment and financing.

Leveraging the occasion of the "May•15 National Investor Protection Awareness Day", under the unified deployment of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), SSE has carried out a series of initiatives such as holding symposiums, making recommendations, issuing regulations, hosting events, conducting live streams, and engaging in publicity efforts to deepen industry awareness, consolidated social forces, improve mechanism construction, create a favorable atmosphere, and closely connect with the broad base of investors, so as to systematically promote investor protection work.

Firstly, it vigorously promotes and publicizes the "three investment" concept. In addition to holding symposiums, SSE also publicly released the Proposal for Rational Investment, Value Investment, and Long-term Investment in the Capital Market to all market participants, and invited institutions to co-sign the proposal, aiming to attract more market institutions to join in and create a positive environment for actively practicing the "three investment" concept throughout the market. At the same time, it has partnered with Shanghai Securities News to launch the preheating of the fourth "SSE Cup" ETF Competition. Based on the success of the previous three competitions, efforts were made to further promote the dissemination of knowledge on financial securities such as index and index-based investment and deepen the good practice of the "National Education" project. The brand project "SSE Cup" has been launched for 3 years, achieving a "Shanghai-Yangtze River Delta-Nationwide" reach, attracting more than 15,000 students from over 1,000 universities nationwide. Additionally, in collaboration with China Fund News, SSE has organized an ETF investor education short video contest and exhibition to educate the public on index-based investment, guiding them towards practicing long-term investment through ETFs.

Secondly, it smooths channels for investors' appeal reporting. In compliance with national laws and regulations and CSRC guidelines, SSE has previously integrated and established a unified appeal-handling service platform. This platform combines the functions of petition handling, reporting, complaints, consultations, and suggestions into a single appeal handling function, achieving the "one-number" service for hotline calls and the "One-stop Online Service" for Internet users. On this basis, on May 15, SSE issued three business rules: the Working Measures of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Letters and Visits, the Working Measures of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Reporting, and the Working Measures of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the Investor Service Hotline, clarifying key matters such as the definition of appeals, the scope of acceptance, and handling methods. Adhering to the "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era, SSE diligently carries out the "Three Open-Doors" and "Strong Base Year" initiatives to uniformly address public appeals. On the same day, SSE hosted its first live broadcast on Douyin via the 4008888400 investor hotline, answering calls from investors online, responding to questions in the online comment section, and addressing hot topics from the investor service hotline. In this way, it establishes a platform for investor services on new media platforms.

Thirdly, it educates and guides investors to better understand, exercise, and protect their rights. SSE has partnered with the Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau, Caida Securities, and Hebei University to jointly launch the "Hebei Capital Market University Tour" series of activities for investor education and publicity. The four parties signed a memorandum of understanding for the "National Education" project. Dong Guoqun, member of the Party Committee and Executive Vice President of SSE, participated in the event. The brand investor education project "National Education" has been implemented for 3 years, achieving "full coverage" in 36 securities regulatory jurisdictions nationwide. Offline cooperative courses have benefited over 100,000 students from 54 colleges and universities, establishing the largest-scale national education curriculum system covering the entire system. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the "I am a Shareholder" project, SSE has launched the 2024 "I am a Shareholder" into listed companies and the accompanying "Investor Service Week" special activity to demonstrate the exercise of shareholder rights by small and medium shareholders. It is learned that the "I am a Shareholder" project has been practiced for 10 years, visiting about 1,600 SSE-listed companies. In 2023, nearly one million investors participated in 327 online and offline events. The brand investor service model "Investor Service Week" has been implemented for two years, focusing on the five major market service bases of SSE and extending outreach to third and fourth-tier cities. It has covered 51 cities in 27 provinces, including 19 third and fourth-tier cities covered for the first time, hosted over 220 events, and provided face-to-face services for more than 60,000 small investors. Additionally, in coordination with the CSRC, SSE organized the fifth National Anti-Illegal Securities, Futures, and Funds Awareness Month campaign to raise investors' awareness of preventing illegal securities activities and safeguarding their rights. In collaboration with the China Securities Small and Medium Investors Service Center, combined with the typical cases of investor protection issued by the CSRC, SSE presented the progress of its investor protection work from the perspective of investors, strengthening investors' awareness of rights protection.

"Heartfelt Concern for Investors, Joint Action for Progress — Promoting High-Quality Development and Boosting Investor Confidence". Going forward, SSE will continue to deeply practice the people-centered nature of the capital market, keep close contact with investors, especially the vast number of small and medium investors, listen to their opinions, deepen communications, and form a united effort to promote the high-quality development of the capital market.