SSE Further Lowers Costs for Market Entities to Support Development of Industry

31 May 2022

To implement the spirit of the State Council meeting and give full play to the exchange’s basic function of supporting and serving the capital market, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) issued a further fee reduction notice to the market today, reducing and exempting related transaction and service fees for relevant market entities. The move aims to integrate efficiency improvements with cost cuts to help the sound development of various market entities.

Specifically, on the basis of the previous reduction of fees and charges, the SSE has rationalized and integrated service charging items, slashing the trading unit access fee by one-third; the original “collection and payment” mode for the trading data access line products has been adjusted to the gateway “technical service fee”, with the original trading unit flow rate fee integrated into the trading gateway flow rate fee; and multiple measures were taken to reduce the service fees of data center products thanks to the optimized cloud product pricing system. According to preliminary calculation, the fee cut is expected to yield a profit of more than 433 million yuan to market entities.

To cope with the impact of the pandemic and sustain stable macro-economic performance, since the beginning of 2022, the SSE has continued to introduce measures of fee reduction and exemption, striving to reduce market costs and stimulate the vitality of the market entities. Prior to this move, the SSE has reduced or waived the initial listing fee, the annual fee, the online voting service fee, the 2022 handling fee for transfer of assets management program units and other charges for the SSE’s existing or newly listed companies.

Attachment: Notice of Further Cost Reductions for Market Entities to Support the Development of the Industry