SSE Guide to Securities Listing Procedures

SSE Guide to Securities Listing Procedures

1. After securities issuance is completed, the issuer and its sponsor and lead underwriter shall, in accordance with the requirements of the SSE Stock Listing Rules and other relevant regulations, promptly prepare and submit application documents for securities listing.

2. The issuer, the sponsor and the lead underwriter shall ensure the accuracy and completeness of securities listing data included in the listing application materials submitted to the SSE. Securities listing data include the issue price (or the opening reference price on the first listing day), the number of shares to be listed, the time of listing, the securities code, the capital stock structure, and other relevant data.

3. Securities listing application documents shall be submitted to the relevant departments of SSE no later than 15:30 on L-5 day (the fifth day before L day).

4. The listing committee of the SSE shall review the matters relating to the initial listing of shares and corporate bonds. The SSE will, according to the opinions of the listing committee, decide whether or not to approve the listing application.

5. Where the issuer's securities listing application is approved after being reviewed by the SSE, the issuer shall disclose on the SSE website the listing announcements prepared in accordance with relevant requirements and other documents required by the SSE, and shall be responsible for their content.

6. SSE will determine the L day according to the issuer's application, laws, administrative regulations, government department rules and SSE rules.

If more than one issuer applies to the SSE for listing on the same day their IPO shares and further issued securities but, due to the market or technical limits, same-day listing cannot be arranged, SSE will make overall arrangements for the listing date based on the readiness of listing application documents, the order of issuance dates and the order of approval of issuance by the CSRC.

SSE may, according to the market condition, adjust the listing date after consulting with the issuer and the lead underwriter.

7. Where IPO shares meet listing conditions, the period from the day on which their issuance is completed to L day (the day on which securities are listed) shall not exceed seven trading days. The SSE will coordinate and make arrangements for the listing date after receiving the issuer's custody registration certificate.

8. Before initial listing of securities, the issuer shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Administrative Measures for International Securities Identification Numbers issued by the CSRC, apply to the relevant departments of SSE for an ISIN code for the newly listed securities.