At present, China has formed the legal system of securities and futures with the “Securities Law”, the “Company Law”, the “Law on Securities Investment Funds” and other laws as the core, the administrative regulations of the State Council and the administrative rules of the regulatory departments as the main parts, and the judicial interpretation of the Supreme Court and the business rules of the self-regulatory organizations for the securities and futures market as the complements. In particular, as an important and organic part of the securities and futures legal system, the business rules of the stock exchanges play an important role in ensuring and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the securities and futures market.

The business rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) are the collection of the normative documents with general binding force and continuing effectiveness formulated and issued by the SSE. At present, the SSE has established the system of business rules with the Bylaws as the guiding principle, including the basic business rules, the detailed business rules, the business guides and business notices as well as the business directions, memorandums and agreements at various levels, and covering all the business processes in the securities spot market and the stock options market. The SSE will, according to the requirements for regulation, innovation and development on the market, continue to formulate and amend the business rules, constantly enhance the system of the business rules and improve the legal level and the transparency of self-regulation.

Laws and Regulations